Having massage therapy (Perth) may lead you towards fit and healthy life eradicating your physical and mental stress. Besides, the damaged or weak muscles become stronger after going through a proper therapeutic procedure. Stiff or tight muscles may create hassle in performing daily mandatory activities and these conditions need to be treated correctly to evade problems.

Now, you might think what muscle stiffness actually refers to. Well, you can consider it as a feeling.

How can muscle tightness be defined?

  • Basically, the muscles get tightened due to poor range of action.
  • Or you can sense, the motion is okay, but your problem lies in a hidden feeling of discomfort. Maybe, there you have little pain also.
  • Sometimes, this happens only because of the area is not relaxed at all.
  • Your physical stress or mental tension can also be an underlying cause for the same.

So, these can be the probable causes for the tight muscle. Whatever the reason is, you are supposed to get relief from that to live life normally. An expert’s advice will allow you to handle such situation with ease. After all, you are not going to like this uncomfortable condition for long, right?

How to cure stiff or tight muscle?

There are multiple ways to restore this state by treating it in a way we treat our pain. You can follow these below-mentioned processes to feel better. You would be benefitted by-

  • Changing the posture if the stiffness occurs due to that
  • Improving overall health condition and food habit
  • Enhancing emotional state and
  • Doing exercises like stretching regularly

Apart from that, your guide will be there to suggest certain therapies as per your requirement that includes:

  • Motor control therapy
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Resistance training

So, if you have been suffering for long, do not wait much and call the specialist to tackle the complete situation by providing you with the perfect solution. You can also pursue some positive habits to improve yourself.

Now, let’s get into the details of the mentioned therapies so that you would be benefited to a great extent. Have a look now.

Motor Control Therapy:

This procedure is ideal for changing a long-run habit or posture that can’t be changed automatically. Apart from altering the movements, this is used for improvising your breathing habits also. Thus, the affected muscles receive relaxation by removing parasitic tension. This is quite significant to remember that most of such movement therapies deal with motor control techniques.

Soft Tissue Therapy:

Multiple forms of soft tissue therapies are there which include ART or Active Release Therapy, IASTM or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Foam Rolling, Deep Tissue Massage etc. These treatments are useful for breaking the adhesions or increasing the length of short tissues. Though these therapies can lessen the feelings of sensitivity by applying the descending inhibition of nociception, on the contrary, it is helpful to increase the amount of sensitivity with the help of the reverse technique. It can’t be considered as a permanent solution and for one, it can be an option only.

Resistance Training:

Well, at the very beginning, it can be highlighted that there is a myth regarding the strength or resistance training that denotes that these sorts of training may make the muscles stiff and less flexible. But, the reality is absolutely different. These processes enhance the endurance power of the muscles, but you must not opt for overworking. That is not going to be advantageous at all.

Besides, exercise and yoga would lead you towards healthy profits. A perfect routine of physical exercise is mandatory to keep away any kind of disease and muscle stiffness or tightness is not an exception to it.

Exercises to get rid of the tight muscles:

Different stretching exercises are there to treat your muscle stiffness. Shoulder and neck stretches, abdominal stretches, glute stretches, side bending, half squat, straight leg raises, knee and hip extension, standing hip abduction are some noteworthy exercises to make muscles flexible. You just have to do according to your needs. Try to give yourself at least 15 minutes daily to perform these. You will certainly feel the changes after a few days.

Exercises also reduce the level of inflammation. You are supposed to do things in a right proportion. Otherwise, new difficulties may arise. So, nevertheless it is better to get in touch with an expert in that case, who can guide you prudently.

Final words:

Well, whenever you feel this sort of stiffness, do not get scared. It may not be a physical issue, rather can only be a feeling. Take a specialist’s opinion to get rid of your hassle with ease.


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